PAP new candidate Ivan Lim withdraws from GE2020

Lim had been the target of mounting criticism about his character.

Joshua Lee | June 27, 2020, 09:28 PM

Ivan Lim, a new candidate from the People's Action Party (PAP) has announced that he is withdrawing from the 2020 General Election.

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The party has also accepted his decision to withdraw.

According to Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, Lim, 42, said that while he has a clear conscience, he is choosing to withdraw from the party so that the retaliation from netizens wont affect the party's progress.

And while the PAP regretted Lim's withdrawal, the party said that it understands Lim's decisions and supports it.

Lim has been the target of mounting criticism from netizens who claimed to have been Lim's polytechnic schoolmates, or have served under him in the army, as well as colleagues from Keppel, and even neighbours.

The accusations mostly surround Lim's character and attitude towards his subordinates, which they said was "elitist" and "condescending".

The post that arguably sparked it all of was from one Bryant Wong, a former acting battalion RSM (Regimental Sergeant Major) that highlighted "elitist" behaviour from Lim.

Top photo: PAP