First IKEA convenience store in the world opens in Tokyo

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Mandy How | June 10, 2020, 12:20 PM

The world's first IKEA convenience store, nestled within a four-storey outlet, has opened in Tokyo.

Located in trendy Harajuku, the outlet is a first for Japan in terms of location — SoraNews attests to their usual "far-flung suburban locations," until this city centre opening.

Besides shopping for furniture, visitors can also dine at their cafe and convenience store.

Photo via IKEA Japan

Photo via IKEA Japan

Instead of meatballs, however, the cafe only sells Tunnbröd, which is a kind of flatbread. The item comes in both sweet and savoury versions.

Here's the menu (100yen = S$1.29):

For drinks, there's Sparkling Nordic fruit water, blueberry lemonade, coffees, canned organic vegetable juice, and more.

Convenience store

Elsewhere in the outlet is a convenience store, offering tiny eco bags, plant-based instant noodles, and organic drinks, according to SoraNews.

There's also a coffee stand inside the store, where they sell coffee, cinnamon rolls, and plant-based ice cream.

The selection is not as extensive as the typical Japanese convenience store, though.

Singapore's version is the Swedish food market, which sells overlapping items.

With Harajuku

The entire IKEA outlet is part of a new shopping complex called With Harajuku, which has a total of 12 levels.

The complex houses restaurants, shops, co-working space, an event hall, and even residential apartments, Timeout reported.

Other major tenants in the building include Uniqlo and The Alley.

Top image via IKEA Japan