Fight broke out in Holland Village on June 19, man who 'reeked of alcohol' arrested for causing annoyance to public

Drama at the beginning of phase two.

Jason Fan| June 21, 2020, 02:02 PM

On June 19, 2020, huge crowds were spotted in Holland Village, on the first day of Phase 2.

According to 8World, six or seven people were involved in a fight at around 10pm in the evening, with at least one person taken away in a police car.

The fight took place along Lorong Mambong.

The people involved allegedly started a fight from a distance away, and began shoving one another along the street, with the fight culminating in front of The Fine Line restaurant, according to a staff member of the restaurant.

The police eventually arrived, and a tall man was led into a police car upon investigation.

According to 8World, the man also had a few choice words to say to a person who is believed to be his friend, before he was brought into the police car.

"If I get into trouble, you have to save me. Don't let my mother know about this", he said.

In response to Mothership's queries, the police confirmed they were alerted to a man causing annoyance to the public at 21 Lorong Mambong Holland Village.

"A 26-year-old man who reeked of alcohol was subsequently arrested for causing annoyance to the public when drunk under Section 14(2)(b) of the Liquor Control Act.

Police investigations are ongoing."

8World also reported that the police left the restaurant at around 12:22am the next day, and it is understood that the police had collected the CCTV footage from the restaurant to aid in their investigation.

The first day of phase two on Friday was eventful.

According to Today, the general manager of British Indian Curry Hut said two fights broke out around the neighbouring premises, one at around 8pm and another at around 9.30pm.

Top image from Ah Beng Shitposting