Fann Wong says not being by husband's side during father-in-law's funeral is her 'biggest regret'

She also opened up about Lee's incarceration in 2006.

Mabel Wong| June 05, 2020, 07:26 PM

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On a recent episode of Channel 8 talk show "Hear U Out", guest star Fann Wong opened up about the struggles she went through during her career as an actress in Singapore.

Host Quan Yi Fong chatted about Fann's career with her, from training as a child actor to her time as a model.

Dealing with the media

While on the topic of handling the media, Fann said that not being able to be by her husband's side, fellow actor Christopher Lee, at her father-in-law's funeral was one of the worst experiences she had to go through.

In 2009, her father-in-law passed away while she was filming a drama series.

The funeral was held in Lee's hometown in Malacca, Malaysia.

"I had asked to take some time off to go to Malacca and accompany my husband, but the producer at the time didn't allow me to," she revealed.

As a result, some media outlets remarked and shamed her for being an "undutiful daughter-in-law".

On the other hand, she said that if she had left to attend the funeral, filming of the series would have been postponed too.

"But I'd still be blamed if I didn't go to the funeral, so what could I have done?"

As tears began to well, Fann mentioned that this incident was the greatest regret in her life.

Screenshot from Hear U Out.

"I'm willing to suffer by myself but I can't bear to see my family and loved ones suffer. I was upset because I wasn't by Lee's side and I didn't get to see my father-in-law for the last time."

However, Wong believes that there's something to take away from everything that she goes through and this incident has taught her how to handle certain situations.

Handling Christopher Lee's jail term

Wong also shared what she went through when her husband was incarcerated.

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He was sentenced to six weeks in prison back in 2007 for drink driving.

"I just told him to focus on resolving the issue, and not worry about anything else."

During the six weeks, Lee told her to not visit him in prison and to focus on her job.

As she had developed a habit of calling her then-boyfriend after work, she called his phone on the first day of his prison term only to be reminded that he couldn't answer his phone.

Wong shared that she buried herself in more work despite having the media spotlight on her during that period.

However, she said that she didn't find this period tough for her, because Lee had suffered more while she merely went to work.

"[I wondered whether] he could overcome this, and even if he did overcome it, would he be able to come to terms with it?"

Screenshot from Hear U Out.

She added: "The only thing we could do was to accept it and handle the matter delicately."

A love story for the ages

Wong shared more lighthearted stories of the couple, including of all the times they acted together.

She joked that as he was constantly late when they were working on the 1998 series "The Return of the Condor Heroes", she would go to his house to wake him up.

The couple tied the knot in 2009.

When asked about what she liked about him, she said that he took "very good care" of her.

"I didn't expect him to take such good care of me," she admitted.

She also mentioned that she was touched by his sincerity.

Once, he had gone over to Wong's house while she was sick to check on her before cooking porridge for her that evening.


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