S'pore man gifts S$1,000 cash bouquet to wife for wedding anniversary

Pay money to package money.

Fasiha Nazren | June 09, 2020, 05:17 PM

There are many ways to one's heart.

Money, it seems, is one of them.

S$1,000 cash bouquet

On June 4, local florist J's Money Bouquet shared a Facebook post of one of its creations, a bouquet made purely out of cash.

The bouquet consists of:

  • Five S$10 notes
  • Nine S$50 notes
  • Five S$100 notes

Which brings it to a total of S$1,000.

Photo from J's Money Bouquet.

Photo from J's Money Bouquet.

According to the post, the cash bouquet was an anniversary gift from a man to his wife.

And it appears that a lot of people are a fan of cash bouquets, based on the number of hints left in the comment section.

Nothing too little

The florist doesn't just make bouquets with large amounts of cash.

Here's one with a cash value of S$17:

Photo from J's Money Bouquet's Facebook page.

And here are some of its other works:

S$50 cash bouquet.

Photo from J's Money Bouquet.

S$200 cash bouquet.

Photo from J's Money Bouquet.

Cash bouquet trend

Money bouquets have been a trend for a while now:

And we're not complaining.

Top image from J's Money Bouquet.