Woman at Shunfu Mart allegedly refuses again to wear mask: 'I'm not a person, I'm a sovereign'


Mandy How | May 03, 2020, 06:07 PM

At least two videos of a woman obstinately refusing to wear a face mask in public in Singapore has been circulating on Facebook on May 3.

With multiple pages and users uploading the videos to social media, the footage soon found its way to the notorious vigilante Facebook group SG Covidiots.

Allegedly pointed middle finger

In the first video, the woman, wearing a purple tank top and no mask, was engaged in a confrontation with two other patrons at the wet market believed to be Shunfu Mart.

While parts of the audio were unclear, the woman can be heard telling the other patrons, "You should have minded your own business", and "You should not have been shouting at me."

One of the other women told the woman in purple she was "wrong" to point her middle finger and say that the patrons at the wet market were Singaporeans.

"What mind our own business? This is our country!" the woman said.

Referenced previous incident

In the second video, the woman in purple was yet again in a confrontation at a different spot, with what appears to be a different group of people.

This time, the woman, still unmasked, shielded her face from the camera with an arm.

In this video, she referenced an earlier incident involving herself and the police at the wet market.

"I'll show you a video of the police, here! Same thing, trying to stop me. They walked off, without a warning, without a fine. I'm a sovereign! I am a sovereign. This is something that people are not gonna know what it means. They don't even know what a sovereign is. It means I have nothing to do with the police. [indistinct audio]"

It is likely that she is referring to the following incident, which happened in April.

Even though she claimed she was not fined previously, it turned out to be untrue.

The woman was caught and fined in the previous incident. The woman's particulars were taken down by the police, and from there, issued a fine of S$300.

She had sat down to consume her food at the market despite being advised to observe safe distancing measures.

A male voice then chimed in that "it doesn't make any sense", and added, "If you're a person in Singapore you have to follow the rules of Singapore."

Upon hearing this, the woman in purple turned around and said: "That's the thing, I'm not a person. I'm [indistinct audio] the people."

"What??" the man replies.

Throughout the 42-second clip, she was also holding on to another person's phone with one hand.

From Apr. 14 night, it has become compulsory for Singapore residents to wear a mask when going out.

Those who do not do so will face a S$300 fine, while subsequent offences will be subject to a S$1,000 fine and possible prosecution.

Top image via Marceino Tng on Facebook