You can visit your parents & grandparents from June 2, but limit to 2 visitors per day

Seniors are still advised to stay home and not go out.

Joshua Lee | May 19, 2020, 08:00 PM

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The Circuit Breaker has been tough on family members who don't live together. Many are looking forward to visiting their family after the Circuit Breaker ends on June 1.

Including former Prime Minister and grandfather Goh Chok Tong who have not seen his grandchildren for a while.

Well, here's the good news: You can, although it is subjected to some restrictions.

Each household will be allowed to visit their parents or grandparents who are staying elsewhere.

  1. Receiving households must limit visits to one per day.
  2. Each receiving households can only be visited by a maximum of two family members (from the same household) per day.

This would mean that children can be dropped off at their grandparents' homes for childcare.

"Seniors, however, should not go out visiting children," cautioned Health Minister Gan Kim Yong at a press conference on May 19.

This, he said, is to protect the seniors from getting infected while travelling outside.

Gan added that the government will encourage senior citizens to stay home and let their children or grandchildren visit them instead.

"We understand that many seniors miss seeing their family members throughout this period," said Gan, adding that this decision was made after careful consideration.

On the other hand, social gatherings and other non-essential cities will remain prohibited as these will invariably bring together more people living in different households.

Guess we all have to wait a little longer to meet our friends.

Top photo by Shermin Ng on Unsplash.