S'porean couple holds wedding in HDB flat, in front of 400 attendees via Zoom

The wedding took place via Zoom because the couple wanted more people to witness the ceremony.

Melanie Lim | May 23, 2020, 11:20 PM

A Singaporean couple, both of them 29 years old, got married in front of approximately 400 attendees via Zoom last Sunday (May 17).

Couple had met in church and were in a relationship for two years

According to the groom, Amos Pang, the wedding took place in his marital home in the evening.


Pang, a teacher at Anglo-Chinese School (Barker), first met his wife, Natasha Goh, at Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church.

That was in 2018, when the two first knew of each other while volunteering in church.

They got to know each other better when they ran a course for the young adults in their church.

They would also often see each other at different church meetings and church retreats, and ended up spending more time together.

Pang said that he was attracted to Goh as she was "quirky" and had strong points of views.

On the other hand, Goh really liked how Pang "gave himself to people and to causes very self-sacrificially".

The two started to date officially on December 17, 2018 and decided to tie the knot on May 17, 2020.

Wedding ceremony lasted around an hour

At 4pm last Sunday, their wedding ceremony took place on Zoom.

The livestream started with a photo slideshow of the couple's dating years, as well as links to PayNow and PayLah for guests to send their congratulatory 'ang paos'.

Image via YouTube

There was also a padlet for the couple's friends and family to send well wishes in the form of videos, drawings, and notes:

Image via Padlet

After this, the screen transitioned into a series of comics Goh had drawn about their dating life.


This was followed by a video about Pang's marriage proposal.

The bride was then escorted by her father to Pang's house, where Pang opened the door and received her:

Image via Zoom

A worship service was conducted, followed by the solemnisation, the signing of marriage papers, and thank you speeches.

Image via Zoom

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

There was also a surprise video item done by Pang's friends:


Altogether, the wedding lasted around an hour.

The couple and their guests subsequently split into 27 different breakout rooms for zoom photos.

Pang said that the whole ceremony was emceed off-site by Goh's sister.

Image via YouTube

The worship songs were led and sung by Pang's student in his own home.

You can watch the couple's wedding ceremony here:

Wedding took place via Zoom because couple wanted to conduct a large ceremony

Pang told Mothership that the couple decided not to hold their wedding at a later date for several reasons.

Firstly, '17' was a significant number for the couple as they had gotten together on that date.

They wanted to commemorate it by holding their wedding on a day with the same number.

Secondly, Pang said that, as Christians, the couple wanted their wedding to be one that "glorified God and declared His goodness," especially during this Covid-19 season.

Hence, the couple wanted more people to witness the ceremony.

However, given that large social gatherings are likely to be prohibited in Singapore in the next few months, the couple decided to proceed with their Zoom wedding instead.


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Top image via Amos Pang on YouTube and Zoom