Show Luo's super lengthy Weibo post on love story with ex-gf Grace Chow, summarised

Ups and downs.

Mandy How | Mabel Wong | May 21, 2020, 05:47 PM

Seems like the Show Luo and Grace Chow saga isn't over.

Earlier in April, Luo's public image went to the dogs when Chow, a Chinese influencer, spilled the tea on his affairs.

The two had been in a relationship for nine years.

The scandal played out in quick succession, with the Taiwanese singer losing fans, being dropped from shows, and getting more celebrities implicated.

Even Luo's mother was not spared from the public outcry.

Athough Luo has since apologised to Chow on Weibo, he has just written his lengthiest post on the saga yet.

Published on May 20, the post is a "diary" of their relationship, chronicling how they met as well as their years together.

Luo named the essay "Boy, Girl", and narrated it mostly from a third person perspective.

Here's a summary of his post, translated to English.

From the first meeting

May 1

Boy meets girl through a mutual friend during a meal. He is nervous around her. She isn't impressed though, and admits that she didn't want to come in the first place. But the boy was glad that she did.

May 2-4

They continue hanging out in a group a couple more times.

Boy manages to get girl's number, but didn't have the courage to text her until a few months later.

May 5

As boy and girl start to text, it becomes a habit. The girl sends him a pouty selfie, and says that her sister have the same necklace as him. She also tells the boy that she'll tell her sister to throw it away later.

He senses that she's becoming a little jealous (in a joking manner).

The two enjoy their time together as they began dating.

Even when busy schedules came into play, they manage to work through it.

May 8

One year has passed and the two of them are still dating.

Since both of them are so busy, they're not sure when will be the next time they can meet and hang out again.

Once, when boy was about to leave the next day, he gave the girl a gift — a necklace matching the one he wore back in the May 5 entry.

May 10

Photo via Show Luo's Weibo page

As the two continue to date and the relationship stabilised, boy told girl he was bringing her to see his mother. She agreed immediately. Boy was confused, as he thought that girl would be nervous and want to "rehearse".

When they arrive, the girl and his mother clicked instantly, as they had a lot of common interests.

May 11

Girl was angry that boy hadn't met with her in a while due to his busy schedule. He promises to meet her soon, and plans a surprise to take three days off to visit her.

The next day, he sneaks into her house and wakes her up. She first thinks it's a dream, before asking him why he's here. He says that he's her personal Doraemon, and can go anywhere with his Anywhere Door (Doraemon reference).

The rest of his entries chronicle the ups and downs of their relationship.

Luo and Chow had quarrelled on this trip. To remember the trip, nonetheless, Luo suggested taking a photo together. The two had also quarrelled on a previous trip to Japan, and didn't take any photos on the vacation as a result of the quarrel. After their quarrel had blown over, Chow said that she regretted not capturing the memories, which Luo remembered. Photo via Show Luo's Weibo page

Chow learned to cook Luo's favourite dishes for him. Photo via Show Luo's Weibo page

Chow gave Luo a makeover. Photo via Show Luo's Weibo page

In his last entry on May 20, he writes in first person:

This period is the longest I've been alone.

I've been honest with myself, looking back at the past nine years.

You're someone who seeks perfection, but forwent your principles for me, because I'm not perfect.

I'm happy we went through so many things together, both happy and sad.

We grew together too.

You rarely made me worry, but I've given you plenty of unhappiness.

When I was stressed out about work, you were always there for me.

But the pain I've given you all these years, you hid it from the world.

I've been doing a lot of self-reflection.

And because of this incident, learnt to face it bravely.

I want to tell you once more,

I'm sorry, I'm wrong.

I'm sorry for not sending you this last essay.

I've chosen to go public with it, to fulfil your wish.

Once, you wanted to upload a photo of us at the Eiffel Tower.

This time, I'll share our story with everyone instead.

Photo via Show Luo's Weibo page

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