Woman in China sends 1,000kg of onions to ex-boyfriend, says it's 'his turn to cry' over breakup

A true sob story.

Tanya Ong | May 20, 2020, 05:42 PM

Some deliverymen in the province of Shandong, China, recently noticed a rather bizarre order.

Sent 1,000kg of onions

According to Tou Tiao Xin Wen on Weibo, one tonne of onions had been sent to a residential address on May 16.

Delivery personnel had apparently called up the receiver, but nobody had picked up.

Photo via Weibo

The delivery also apparently came with a note that read: "I cried for three days, now it's your turn!"

Photo via Weibo

A photo of the onions, which appear to be left at the door of the unit

Photo via Weibo

To give him a taste of her sadness, she said

The story behind the bizarre order?

Apparently, a woman, known only as Zhao, sent the onions to her ex-boyfriend.

In a phone interview, Zhao told Chinese media that they broke up after she found out that her boyfriend had been chatting with other women.

She said she felt miserable after the breakup, and cried at home for three days.

Her decision to send him the onions was to "let him know what it feels like to cry".

Here's what she said, according to the audio clip:

"I accidentally found out that he had been chatting with other women on his phone. So I knew he wasn't being faithful. I heard from his friends that even after breaking up, he wasn't upset... I was at home crying for three days. I felt miserable. I wanted to give him a taste of my sadness. So I sent him a ton of onions to his house, to let him know what it feels like to cry."

The ex-boyfriend was also interviewed, and said:

"This ex-girlfriend of mine is really something. After we broke up, she kept telling everyone that I did not shed a single tear. You mean that guys must cry after a breakup?"

Top photo via Weibo screenshots.