Here's the context behind a notice at RV Point condo asking delivery workers not to use the lift

The notice was put up by Grab, and requested delivery personnel to use the stairs instead.

Ashley Tan | May 28, 2020, 05:07 PM

A photo of a notice stuck up at a condominium has caused some angst among netizens after it was circulated on social media.

Grab has since clarified on the context behind the notice.

Notice disallowing delivery partners to use lift

The photo of the notice was posted to infamous Facebook group SG Covidiots, and is addressed to delivery personnel.

It states that GrabFood delivery partners are "kindly requested" to "refrain" from using the lifts at RV Point condominium, which is located at 233 River Valley Rd.

This is because the lift is meant "only for residents of the building".

According to the notice, this was requested by Management Corporation Strata Title 4370—the managing body of the condominium—and RV Point Residents.

Photo from Alan Tay / FB

The post has since gained some traction online, with several comments calling the notice "discriminatory" towards GrabFood partners, and even "elitist".

Some added that instead of delivery riders climbing the stairs to deliver the food, customers should come down from their apartments to collect it instead.

Condo's management asks people not to jump to conclusions

The condominium's management firm, Ocean IFM Pte Ltd, came forward on Facebook to clear the air.

In their post, they stated that delivery personnel are still able to access the lift to deliver orders to residents, after their identity and purpose of visit has been verified by the resident through the intercom system.

In a subsequent comment below, Ocean IFM said that Grab had put up the notice without consulting the building's management.

This was done with the increase in deliveries in mind, to prevent delivery personnel from "hogging and jamming the lifts" on the basement level which could affect users at other floors.

The firm said that they have since reached out to Grab to remove and "improve" on the poster to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion.

Lastly, Ocean IFM urged all not to jump to conclusions before verifying the facts.

Grab clarifies that notice was in reference to GrabFood Hub

In response to Mothership's queries, Grab clarified that GrabFood delivery partners delivering food to RV Point residents are able to access the lifts for deliveries, contrary to what netizens may have gathered from the notice.

Grab revealed that the notice was actually put up in Mar. 2019. According to Grab, it was at the request of the condominium's management committee.

The basement floor of the building serves as a GrabFood Hub—a collection point for delivery personnel to collect their food orders which will be delivered to areas in the vicinity.

The notice is thus meant to guide GrabFood delivery partners picking up orders from the Hub.

Similar to what Ocean IFM stated, Grab shared that delivery personnel were requested to use the stairs when they travel between Basement 1 and Level 1 of the building to prevent any hogging of the lifts between the two levels, as this might inconvenience the condo's residents.

Grab stated that GrabFood delivery partners are aware of this notice and that it is referring to personnel collecting food from the GrabFood Hub.

Grab added that they will look into making the signs clearer to prevent further confusion.

Grab's response was echoed by one food delivery rider himself, who explained in a comment that with the large number of delivery personnel collecting orders from the GrabFood Hub, there were sometimes five to six personnel congregating at the Hub.

Top photo from Alan Tay / FB and Google Maps