Otters devour all of ex-Mediacorp actress Jazreel Low's fish in Bishan spa pond


Mandy How | May 14, 2020, 02:46 PM


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Actress-turned-entreprenuer Jazreel Low has fallen victim to the lovable otters in Singapore.

In a Facebook post on May 12, the 54-year-old revealed that the otters killed all the prized fishes in the pond at her spa.

Since exiting showbiz, Low has set up several businesses, including Aramsa The Garden Spa at Bishan Park 2.

Other ventures include yakitori restaurant ToriYard and Canopy Garden Dining, both of which are at Bishan Park as well.

The predators were caught on camera, although not red-handed.

Photo via Jazreel Low on Facebook

Photo via Jazreel Low on Facebook

In a separate post on the same day, Low paid tribute to her 13-year-old Arowana named Ah Huat, which was also eaten by the otters.

When Singaporean comedian Hossan Leong expressed his shock that the otters would eat Ah Huat, Low replied: "He [Ah Huat] survived floods and draughts but did not escape this massacre."

Leong then promised to scream at the otters on behalf of Low the next time he sees them.

A photo of what is likely the same pond in happier times:

Photo via Aramsa - The Garden Spa/Facebook

Recently, a family of otters was also spotted at KK Women's & Children's Hospital, which is not too far from the spa.

A fight had also broken out between the Zouk otters and Marina otters on May 12:

Top image via Jazreel Low's Facebook page