Night Owl Cinematics founders divorce after nearly 10 years of marriage

The two made it clear that there wasn't any one huge triggering point that led to the divorce.

Nyi Nyi Thet | May 31, 2020, 06:17 PM

Night Owl Cinematics is one of the most successful YouTube channels in Singapore, garnering nearly one million subscribers.

While they have produced a variety of content involving various celebrities through the years, arguably the two most recognisable faces have been the co-founders, Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan.

They were even dubbed "Singapore's YouTube power couple".

Divorce announcement

On May 31, they uploaded a YouTube video announcing that they had divorced.

They had actually divorced in March, but had put off announcing it due to various reasons, including privacy and just the nature of the announcement.

The two made it clear that there wasn't any one huge triggering point that led to the divorce.

A point the two brought up was how working together had led to some strain in the relationship. The need to follow deadlines, or just get to work result in many "commas' to their arguments.

Chan put it quite eloquently in the video:

"So how do I go and rant to my husband Ryan, about my business partner, Ryan."

Tan also talked about how their marriage took a backseat to NOC.

Met and married at a young age

Another issue they brought up was how young they had initially met and married. To get married at such a young age meant growing into people they might have not been when they met.

Tan also talked about how he was not one for the spotlight and pointed out how making a divorce video is not something a normal person would have to make.

The video was not just about explaining their decision, but also some sweet tidbits about each other's personality, as well as their favourite memories of each other.

When asked what they would change about their marriage, Tan said that he would have married Chan now instead.

The two asked for understanding and privacy from their fans, and people in general.

You can watch their video here.


They also assured their fans that nothing will change onscreen for NOC.

Image from Ryan Sylvia