Close to 50,000 people want to opt-out from receiving NDP 2020 fun pack

One way to adjust how many fun packs to prepare to avoid wastage.

Zhangxin Zheng | May 22, 2020, 06:43 PM

The National Day Parade (NDP) executive committee has announced that over a million fun packs will be distributed to all residents in Singapore as part of the NDP 2020 celebrations.

Following the announcement, however, a significant number of people expressed concerns over the potential waste that the massive distribution will cause, and opined that the resources can be redirected to other uses.

Petition to allow people to opt-out from receiving fun packs

One Singaporean, Kaushik Ilango, decided to start a petition to raise awareness on this issue.

Ilango first acknowledged the NDP executive committee's efforts in bringing the nation together.

While the fun packs will spark joy for many, he feels that the resources can be better spent to help those in need.

He also pointed out that not all items are of "long term use" and as such, many fun packs were thrown away in the past.

Ilango wrote that he is not against the idea of having fun packs but he hopes the NDP executive committee can allow people to opt-out from receiving the fun packs to reduce the potential amount of waste this initiative might bring about.

"I for one would prefer to give my fun pack away to someone who needs it more than I do. I also do not want to see many fun packs disposed off irresponsibly by those who do not need it. This will only require more manpower to clean it up. Singapore could also use this as an opportunity to set the right example of moving towards a zero-waste society in times of rapid climate change to the rest of the world."

Garnered close to 50,000 signatures

Within 24 hours of starting his petition, it garnered over 25,000 signatures.

As of the time of writing, close to 50,000 people have indicated their preference to opt-out from receiving the fun pack.

The petition organiser shared that he is appreciative of the response from those who also find that resources can be better allocated.

"I deeply appreciate the willingness and civic-mindedness of so many amongst us who wish for better allocation of resources towards more pressing issues. I am also heartened to know that many of us share similar values of prudence and care for one another."

Ilango wrote that he has also posed some questions for the Minister for Defence, Ng Eng Hen.

He asked if the procurement of the fun packs has started, how much budget has been allocated and who's in charge of the NDP fun packs.

Details about fun packs not revealed yet

The announcement on May 20 did not go into detail about the fun packs.

The chairman of the NDP executive committee, Brigadier-General Frederick Choo, said that Singaporeans have "very close affinity with" the fun packs.

And so, those who want a fun pack are promised to be given one.

However, the NDP executive committee chairman did not share what this year's fun packs will include. The only hint Choo gave was that the fun packs will include items that will help people interact with the show while watching the live stream.

It is still not certain how exactly these fun packs will be distributed as well but Choo said that the committee will be working with various agencies and grassroots organisations to work out the distribution and collection model.

You can send your feedback on NDP fun packs here, if you want.

Top image via NDPeeps video screenshot and petition