'McNugget connoisseur' discovers frozen nuggets with 98% similarity to McDonald's S'pore

Just add curry sauce.

Andrew Koay | May 03, 2020, 11:55 PM

If you're missing your McDonald's fix since the fast food chain temporarily closed operations, this might help.

Self-proclaimed McNugget connoisseur Leslie Koh took to Facebook to announce his discovery of an alternative to the fast-food chains deep fried snack.

Koh is also known as the Rice Cooker Man — a moniker bestowed upon him thanks to his viral recipes which involve the ubiquitous household appliance.

"Ever since the news that McDonalds has to be closed, I’ve been searching the best replacement for one of my beloved small bites, McNuggets," he wrote.

Having run the gamut of chicken nugget brands, Koh concluded that Freezepak had "98 per cent similarities" to McDonald's interpretation.

"The taste, the smell, even the shape resembles McNuggets."

The remaining two per cent was not awarded because of a differing "mouth feel" said Koh, who added that it may have been due to home frying methods falling short of the temperatures reached by the industrial deep friers found at a McDonald's restaurant.

Where it's available

Koh also listed a few places that Singaporeans could get their hands on a 1kg pack of Freezepak nuggets and prices at each location:

  • NTUC - S$7.95
  • Sheng Siong - S$6.95
  • Songfish.com.sg - S$7

They're also available at Redmart for S$8.07 a pack, and is listed as being Halal and originating from Thailand.

Koh encouraged lovers of McNuggets to give the frozen foods a test and share if they too agreed with his judgement. He did, however, have a qualifier

"Please don't hoard ah," he said.

"Share the love with others."

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Top image from Leslie Koh's Facebook page