Owners of Loki the dog, which was allegedly euthanised, report whistleblower to police for doxxing

Gan stands by his decision to expose the owners and vet for "convenient euthanasia".

Zhangxin Zheng | May 08, 2020, 12:51 PM

A staff from Exclusively Mongrels Limited (EML) took to Facebook on May 6 to break a piece of tragic news.

Viral post about the death of Loki the dog

In the post that has been taken down, Theng Wei Gan wrote about the death of a young mongrel called Loki.

Loki was bailed out by EML in November 2017 and was subsequently adopted by a couple residing in Singapore.

Gan then revealed that the dog has been put to sleep by the couple during the circuit breaker period out of fear that it will bite, especially after having a newborn recently.

The post went viral and has angered many animal-lovers as it appeared to be a case of "convenience euthanasia".

Loki's owners report Gan to the police for doxxing

In the latest development, Gan shared that he took down the viral post because he has been accused by Loki's owners for doxxing.

According to Gan on May 8, 12:39am, he had given his statement to the police after the owners of Loki lodged a complaint against him and he was asked to take down the first post about Loki's death.

Gan, however, said he stands by his decision to write about the unjustified euthanasia allegedly decided by the owners and the vet.

"I had done what I felt was right to raise awareness of horrible dog owners choosing the easy way out by putting their dogs to sleep. And to call out unethical vets who will agree to terminate innocent lives."

He also thanked dog lovers for speaking up for Loki and urged people to avoid posting comments that might amount to harassment or doxxing.

Here's the post in full:

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Top photo via Theng Wei Gan/Facebook