88-year-old ice-cream seller gifted with new TV during Circuit Breaker to replace broken set


Ashley Tan | May 12, 2020, 07:30 PM

As many adjust to the new normal that is Circuit Breaker, older folks in Singapore might not have the same luxury to do so.

Some might be struggling with the restrictions and having to be cooped up at home, especially without the understanding and access to technology or social media the younger generations have.

New TV for beneficiary

Community initiative and non-profit Happy People Helping People Community decided to relieve some of that boredom for one of their beneficiaries.

The 88-year-old man surnamed Ng used to sell ice cream on the streets.

However, since Circuit Breaker measures have limited work to only those in essential services, Ng has stopped pushing his ice cream cart around and remained at home.

Ng stays alone at his home in Jalan Besar, and has an old TV set which is no longer working, which could compound his boredom.

But with the help of sponsors, Happy People Helping People Community managed to buy a brand new Panasonic TV for the elderly man.

Here is Ng inspecting his new gift.

Photo from Happy People Helping People Community / FB

Photo from Happy People Helping People Community / FB

Hopefully, being able to watch some TV can help him to pass the time during this period.

You can read the full Facebook post here.

The non-profit organisation shared that they also contribute daily meals and an allowance to Ng.

If you would like to support their elderly beneficiaries, you can make a contribution via this link, which also displays other welfare projects targeting different groups of people.

Top photo from Happy People Helping People Community / FB