S'pore Foodpanda customer service asks customer who needs help with wrong order to solve riddle first

All in good humour.

Julia Yeo | May 15, 2020, 04:30 AM

Good customer service in Singapore is always memorable.

But memorable customer service is never always good.

And what about never always good customer service that is memorable and might actually be good?

Read on.

Foodpanda staff asks customer to solve riddle while waiting

A Foodpanda customer related in a pair of screen shots put up on Facebook about what he got when he sought the help of the food delivery service's customer support.

This was after the customer found out that one of the drinks he ordered had gone missing.

What started as an ordinary conversation between a support staff and customer then took an unusual turn.

The Foodpanda personnel handling the customer query had to buy some time to resolve the issue for the customer.

And to fill the void, the Foodpanda personnel asked the customer to solve a riddle while waiting for the team to resolve the issue on their end.

The abrupt riddle posed by the Foodpanda help line staff was: "What day is a potatoes (sic) least favourite?"

This was how it went:

As can be seen from the chat, the customer was mildly exasperated by the unusual query because what he wanted wasn't a riddle, but a refund.

And the customer clapped back -- with a riddle of his own.

But he added in his post that he received a full refund and a voucher, and recommended others to "order more and support Foodpanda riddle times".

The whole conversation took place in two minutes.


(The answer is Fry Day, by the way.)

Top image via Chin Hoe Lee/Facebook