Food delivery rider in S'pore reveals what he goes through daily with eateries & customers

Everyone can play their part.

Belmont Lay | May 10, 2020, 10:31 PM

A food delivery personnel in Singapore has listed out the problems he face in his line of work daily.

And he wants customers to know it is not always the food delivery personnel's fault.

In a Facebook post on May 9, the food delivery rider listed out the ways he and his peers end up bearing the brunt of negative feedback and impatience.

He wrote:

  1. Eatery staff would yell at him to cancel his order when he shows up to just ask if his food is ready for collection. The common response by eatery staff is: “You can, you wait. If you cannot wait, Cancel!"
  2. He said that he understands that eateries are understaffed and lack manpower during this period, but he still notices that the staff greet walk-in customers politely.
  3. And when he checks with the eatery staff about orders again, he is told: "Preparing! Preparing!"
  4. Peak hours are the only times food delivery personnel can fulfil more orders, while the rest of the time they are waiting for orders to roll in.
  5. There are also some restaurants that are not ready for the day but have started taking orders, which once resulted in a wait of some 30 minutes, and caused the delivery personnel to get blamed by the customer.
  6. Riders are all operating under time pressure, with some rushing for their daily targets, and others rushing for their incentives.
  7. He once delivered an order while it was raining and the box was too big to fit in his thermal bag. The bag ended up wet but the food was intact and dry, but he was still questioned by the customer: "How come the bag so wet?"

Kind souls

However, he said once in a while he still meets kinds souls who would tell him not to rush or to be careful out on the roads.

He also advised customers out there to tip the food delivery personnel a small amount of a dollar or two.

Food delivery personnel would be grateful, he said.