Unauthorised filming of S'pore Expo Covid-19 patients doing mass dance being investigated

Not allowed.

Belmont Lay | May 18, 2020, 07:26 PM

A video featuring healthcare personnel and Covid-19 patients in Singapore Expo community care facility dancing as part of a mass exercise has been deemed a violation and Woodlands Health Campus (WHC) is investigating the unauthorised filming.

WHC said on May 18 the investigation comes after the video was widely circulated on social media.

All 10 halls in Singapore Expo have been converted to house Covid-19 patients including foreign workers, who are clinically well or display mild symptoms, with a total capacity of 8,000 beds.

WHC, SingHealth and the Singapore Armed Forces provide the medical coverage for the various halls.

Filming not allowed

WHC said: "We are conducting an internal investigation into the incident and will continue to reiterate to all staff members that unauthorised filming of any patient-related activity is not allowed."

WHC said there are rules against filming and photography within patient areas to maintain patient confidentiality.

"We have also ensured that this is clearly communicated at the staff briefings before they start work at the CCF at Singapore Expo," it added.

"We will also work with our partners at the CCF at Singapore Expo to reiterate this rule to their workers and volunteers."

WHC said participation in the mass exercise activity is optional and so far the response has been "positive", WHC added.

The activity lasts about 15 minutes and are conducted twice a day.

WHC also said: "The healthcare team is present to observe patients’ health and breathing conditions. Their oxygen levels are measured post-exercise to help identify anyone who might require more medical attention."

"Through these exercises, we also hope to impart healthy lifestyle tips that patients can continue to practise even after their discharge. As part of safety and infection control measures, we have also regularly reminded everyone on safe distancing measures."