Bus captain in S'pore breaks down after news of husband's death, passers-by offer tissues & drink

They also helped to contact her supervisor for assistance.

Guan Zhen Tan | May 24, 2020, 09:02 PM

[Update on May 24, 11:28 pm: We have updated the article with Tower Transit’s response.]

Footage of a bus driver breaking down after receiving terrible news of her husband passing away has gone viral on social media.

Bus captain in emotional distress

The 15-minute video was posted to Facebook in the early morning of May 24, and has since garnered over 1,100 shares.

It was recorded by a male passer-by, who spotted the driver of bus service 189 distraught and sobbing loudly.

Her vehicle was parked at a bus stop at Clementi Ave 1.

The passer-by filmed himself going into the bus to check on her, and found out that the bus captain had received news of her husband's death.

It was subsequently revealed that the driver was a Malaysian.

The man was able to get her supervisor on the line and asked for Tower Transit, which operates the service, to send another driver to help take over the lady.

Two other passers-by also tried to help and comfort the bus captain, offering her tissues and a drink.

Separate bus driver arrived and left

Later in the video, one of the passers-by relayed in a phone call that another bus captain had stopped by while on the course of his job.

The second bus captain reportedly left the scene after picking up his passengers, although the passer-by tried to communicate that the female bus captain needed help.

Tower Transit responds

In response to Mothership's queries, a Tower Transit spokesperson said that they had sent one of their officers to assist the bus captain once they found out about her situation.

Another bus captain then drove the bus back.

The second bus captain who drove off in the viral video was not in a position to help as it was in regular service.

The operator mentioned that they will give her their full support and space to grieve privately, and they would also like to thank the passers-by who stopped to help the bus captain.

You can read their full response here:

We sent one of our officers to assist our Bus Captain once we found out about her situation through the help of a few people. The next bus that arrived at the bus stop was not in a position to help as it was in regular service. Our officer arrived shortly after to assist her, while another one of our Bus Captains drove the bus back. It is a deeply painful time for her and we’re going to give her our full support as well as the space she needs to grieve privately. We would like to thank the gentlemen who stopped to help her.

Top image via News Update 2.0's Facebook page