Cyclist calmly gives way to black spitting cobra in Jurong Lake Gardens

Black spitting cobras are highly venomous but not usually aggressive if left alone. 

Jane Zhang| May 17, 11:42 AM

Although the world has felt like it has slowed down during this period, with the majority of people in their homes rather than out and about most of the time, Mother Nature has continued to roam about.

One man in Singapore happened to encounter a black spitting cobra on his morning walk through Jurong Lake Gardens on May 16, and shared about it on Facebook.

Black spitting cobra slithering along

One Daniel Chia shared in a Facebook post on Saturday, May 16 that he had encountered a black spitting cobra, also known as the equatorial spitting cobra, for the first time while on a brisk walk in Jurong Gardens.

In one video shared by Chia, the snake can be seen slithering across the pavement, in the path of a cyclist who stopped and waited for the cobra to continue on its way.

Another video posted by Chia showed the cobra gracefully making its way through the grass and fallen leaves.

About black spitting cobras

According to the Digital Nature Archive (DNA) of Singapore, the black spitting cobra is a native species found throughout Singapore.

While it is a venomous species, it is not usually aggressive if left alone.

However, if provoked, it will raise the front part of its body, extend its hood, and hiss loudly. It also may eject venom sprays from its fangs, which can cover a distance of over one metre and could cause discomfort or even temporary blindness in the provoker if the venom were to enter the eyes.

The venom of a black spitting cobra bite affects the nervous system and has the potential to be fatal.

You can refer to NParks' advisory on snakes and what to do if you encounter one inside of your home here.

The advisory also notes that if you come across a snake, you should try your best to remain calm:

"Snakes would rather not encounter humans, and it is probably as scary for them as it is for you. Do not try to handle the snake yourself."

You can see Chia's full post, which included photos and videos of other animals and sights he saw on his walk, here:

Top image via Facebook / Daniel Chia.