Bedok Reservoir residents do chalk drawing on road to spread smiles as contagious as Covid-19

It is temporary.

Belmont Lay | May 18, 2020, 06:50 PM

A few Bedok Reservoir residents and their pet dog have taken to doodling on the road with chalk to spread some positivity and smiles in the neighbourhood this Covid-19 pandemic.

Instead of just writing on social media walls or communicating electronically, the residents have taken to the car park road in the HDB estate to put down in temporary chalk drawing a reminder that the coronavirus is not the only contagious thing around.

The message read: "Smiles are contagious #stayhome for a while longer!"

Not all positive about it

The photos were shared to the sourpuss SG Covidiots Facebook group meant to shame people who break rules during this circuit breaker period.

While the drawing was obviously done to brighten up the day of residents within the vicinity who can see them, not everyone took to perceiving the message positively.

The usual sarcastic and negative vibes were part of the response in the comments section of the SG Covidiots Facebook post:

But thankfully, others were on hand to balance out the negative vibes: