Caucasian woman arrested & charged for assaulting S'porean & M'sian students in Melbourne

She was out on bail for a previous offence when the attack occurred.

Syahindah Ishak | April 20, 2020, 02:59 PM

A pair of Singaporean and Malaysian students were attacked by two Caucasian women on Apr. 15, 2020 while on their way to get some groceries in Melbourne.

Racially-motivated attack

The assault was believed to be racially-motivated.

Speaking to Mothership previously, the 18-year-old Singaporean student said that the attackers kept shouting "coronavirus" repeatedly at them.

The altercation soon turned physical when the students ignored the attackers and tried to walk away.

Here's a video of the attack.

Woman arrested and charged

On Apr. 20, the Singaporean victim confirmed with Mothership that the woman who physically assaulted her and her friend had been arrested and charged for recklessly causing injury.

Was out on bail when the attack took place

When the attack occurred, the alleged perpetrator was out on bail for a previous offence.

She has been granted bail again for this case.

According to Australian media outlet 9News, the woman is 21-year-old Jakkara Brigham, who was charged in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Apr. 19.

While in court, Brigham had claimed that she is "an indigenous young woman" who has never had any issues in adult court.

She also reportedly cried in court when told that she would be waiting a year in custody for a hearing.

However, after finding out that that she had avoided jail time, she was spotted laughing with the guards.

As her behaviour was appalling, the magistrate had labelled her an "unguided missile".

Still trying to identify second woman involved in the attack

Victoria police are still hunting down the second woman involved in the attack.

When the fight occurred, she was wearing a pink jacket.

Police described her as a Caucasian woman with a skinny build and shoulder-length blonde hair.

She is also believed to be about 20 years old.

Top screenshot from 7News Melbourne/Twitter.