Circuit Breaker: S'pore Zoo keepers build obstacle course for penguins so they can exercise their legs

New adventure.

Ashley Tan | April 29, 2020, 12:44 PM

Even with the lack of tourists and guests, staff at the Singapore Zoo are still keeping busy by coming up with new activities to engage their resident animals.

Some of these activities might not have been possible should the zoo remain operational and open to visitors.

Previously, the zoo's African penguins were allowed out of their exhibit to romp around the playground and explore part of the empty premises, which made for a rather adorable sight.

Indoor obstacle course

In yet another form of enrichment for the waddle of penguins, this time, keepers have transformed their exhibit into an obstacle course of sorts.

Their sandy exhibit is now replete with small bridges, fences, and plastic balls which the penguins have to navigate through.

Their initial reaction, captured in a video shared to Facebook by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, appeared to be of bafflement at the unfamiliar objects around them.

However, when one penguin bravely stepped forward, the rest soon followed suit.

Photo courtesy of WRS

African penguin habitats are usually sandy, and can be steep and rocky.

The sandy slopes in the obstacle course mimics their natural habitat, and helps to strengthen the muscles in their legs.

Photo courtesy of WRS

The penguins are allowed to navigate this indoor obstacle course around two to three times every fortnight.

The obstacles and barriers stimulate them and train their navigation skills.

Photo courtesy of WRS

Photo courtesy of WRS

How adorable.

Photo courtesy of WRS

You can watch more of their antics here:

Top photo courtesy of WRS