2 Osaka hospital nurses instructed to keep working despite testing positive for Covid-19

The hospital said it was unable to find replacements.

Julia Yeo | April 24, 2020, 04:04 PM

City officials in Osaka, Japan said that a hospital had instructed two nurses to keep working despite them testing positive for Covid-19.

Two nurses told to keep working despite testing positive

The officials learned of this after someone had tweeted the allegation against Namihaya Rehabilitation Hospital in Osaka, reported NHK World.

The two nurses were confirmed to be infected on April 20, but one of them had been told by the hospital to work an overnight shift as scheduled that day.

The hospital knew of the test results.

The second nurse who tested positive was asked to work an overnight shift on April 21.

Unable to find replacements

The hospital has confirmed at least 126 Covid-19 cases, and infected patients are being held in a separate ward.

Both nurses tended to the infected patients.

According to Namihaya Rehabilitation Hospital's officials, they had instructed the nurses to continue working as they were unable to find replacements.

Osaka city officials have told the hospital to avoid a recurrent incident, and will also check the working conditions of the administrative staff.

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