Compulsory to wear mask the moment you step out of house, with immediate effect: Lawrence Wong

There are two exceptions to the rule.

Mandy How | April 14, 2020, 07:23 PM

It is now compulsory for everyone in Singapore to wear masks the moment they leave their houses.

This was announced by the co-chair of the multi-ministry taskforce, Lawrence Wong, in a press conference on Apr. 14, 2020.

"During this circuit breaker period, we will make a further change to our guidance on masks. We have already updated our advisory on masks earlier, based on the latest medical and scientific advice.


So we will now take a further step and make it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask, when they go out."

There will, however, be exceptions to the rule.

Children under the age of two will not have to wear one, at the recommendation of medical experts.

Those who are engaging in strenuous exercise, such as running or jogging, may also remove their mask temporarily.

They will have to put it back on after they are done with the exercise.

"Other than these exceptions, everyone else, going out, will have to wear a mask, and we will enforce this rule too, like all the other safe distancing and circuit breaker measures that we have put in place," Wong added.

The same penalties apply for those who do not abide by the rule.

First time offenders will face a S$300 fine, while subsequent offences will be subject to a S$1,000 fine and possible prosecution.

As for when the measure will end, health minister Gan Kim Yong said that it will be subject to review, and may "well continue" after the circuit breaker period ends.

Top photo via Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images