US doctor: People in the community are at the frontline, not healthcare workers

Stay at home.

Zhangxin Zheng| April 03, 08:50 PM

Michelle Au is an anesthesiologist that works at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital in the U.S..

In a two-minute video, Au recently updated on the situation in the hospital.

She also shared an important message for the people in the community to help fight Covid-19.

The video has been circulating on Facebook since mid-March.

If you have not seen the video, here's the key takeaway that's relevant for us as well.

Healthcare workers are not at the frontline

Au said that while the hospital is dealing with Covid-19 cases, they are still managing other urgent medical cases such as attending to heart attacks, cancer surgeries and delivering babies.

"The work of the hospital marches on and we will continue taking care of people that need us," she said.

Au however hopes to remind people that resources are precious in light of this situation and urges the community to do their part.

While healthcare workers have been referred to as "frontline workers" during this crisis.

Au said that healthcare workers are not frontline workers. Instead, they are the last line of defence in this battle against Covid-19.

People in the community are the ones at the frontline to fight Covid-19

The ones at the frontline of this battle are the people in the community who play a crucial role in curbing the spread.

"However, one thing needs to be clear, we are NOT the frontline in this battle. We as healthcare workers stand in the back. We are the LAST line of defence and we hope the fight never gets to us.

The frontline of this battle is you, the people in the community tasked with the challenge to keeping us all safe."

Au urged people in the community to practise good hygiene and be socially responsible.

This includes staying at home if need be and conduct frequent cleaning and sanitising.

"The history of Public Health is a story of prevention. Public health is about preventing larger problems before they happen, and we need YOU at the frontline to stand guard."

She ended the video by thanking members of the public to practise these precautionary measures.

"Thank you for standing on the frontline for us and know that all of us on the LAST line of defence appreciate anything you can do to help."

Top photo via screenshot of Michelle Au's video