Humorous listings of McDonald's items at insane prices on Carousell now that all outlets closed till May 4


Ashley Tan | April 19, 2020, 01:42 PM

You might have heard the heartbreaking news of the temporary closure of all McDonald's outlets in Singapore till May 4.

The suspension of the fast food giant's restaurants islandwide took effect from 11am on Apr. 19, and was a preventative action against Covid-19.

S$70,000 Filet-O-Fish

Following the absence of what is, likely for most Singaporeans, a fast food staple, some have taken it upon themselves to supply the community with McDonald's products.

At hilariously inflated prices on Carousell.

Here's a Filet-O-Fish listing with a price of S$70,000.

And McGriddles, already a highly sought-after burger even before the circuit breaker, going at S$1,000.

Several sellers have even taken pains to note that the items were bought on Sunday, just to make it that tad bit more covetable.

Tubs of curry sauce as well.

Desperate appeal for McDonald's

One user clearly seems devastated by the closure, and posted a listing laced with desperation.

According to the listing, the user is willing to pay double or triple for any McDonald's meal fresh from the grill.


Top photo screenshot from Carousell