How to make McDonald's Curry Sauce at home using 6 ingredients

Just make your own.

Belmont Lay | April 23, 2020, 06:24 PM

For those of you in Singapore suffering from McDonald's withdrawal symptoms this circuit breaker and can no longer withstand the cold turkey, here's a little shot in the arm to get you through a while longer.

Using basic ingredients and a good dose of patience, you can make your own McDonald's Curry Sauce at home from scratch.

McDonald's Curry Sauce recipe

A McDoanld's curry sauce recipe has been provided by a fellow Singaporean, Leslie Tay, a general practitioner, photographer, blogger and one of the leading food authorities in Singapore.

He experimented with the McDonald's Curry Sauce recipe back in 2016 and created one that he attested tasted almost like the real deal.

According to him, he said he believes it is almost 90 percent like the original.

In his instructional video four years ago, he reverse-engineered the ubiquitous McDonald's Curry Sauce with surprising result.

The best part is that there is no cooking involved and he only uses five basic ingredients, excluding water, which is a solution for the mixture.

It involves mixing and some microwaving, that's all.

Japanese curry roux 2 cubes

Water 60ml

Peanut butter 2 Tbsp

Condensed milk 6 Tbsp (180ml)

Soy sauce 1.5 Tbsp

Japanese Vinegar 2 Tbsp

Check out the video:

Tay is better known by his moniker “ieat”.

His pictures and stories about food appear on his award-winning food blog, and Facebook page.

Besides spending almost a decade roaming the island in search of the best hawker food, he has put his palette and ingenuity to the test by experimenting with making his own popular local fare from scratch and teaching others how to do so as well.