Ichiban Sushi introduces 'new' Coriander Maki

No thanks.

Ashley Tan| April 01, 11:21 AM

The release of coriander foods and items have sparked much debate.

Some love it, and would wholeheartedly agree to infusing this herb in any dish. Others though, not so much.

Interesting combination

On Mar. 30, restaurant chain Ichiban Sushi announced that they would be introducing a brand new dish to add to its list of sushi.

The Coriander Maki.

Coriander is known for its "refreshing and citrusy aroma", the post said.

Photos showed what appears to be coriander paste inside the maki, topped off with huge sprigs of coriander. Guaranteed to send your tastebuds into a tizzy whether you like it or not.

This controversial dish will apparently be released on Wednesday.

Since its announcement, the post has gained over 800 shares, and has drawn a mix of reactions.

Some positive.

Some others much more negative.


A few social media users caught on to the trend though.

Here's another very unusual food combination introduced by Subway.

Top photo from Ichiban Sushi / FB