'FairPrice on Wheels' vans packed with dry goods, fresh produce & toiletries like mobile mamak shops


Ashley Tan | April 24, 2020, 01:32 PM

On Apr. 24, FairPrice launched its new initiative "FairPrice on Wheels".

A FairPrice van specially outfitted with groceries and other necessities made its first few rounds at several locations around Singapore today.

With this, the supermarket chain hopes to bring enhance convenience for shoppers by bringing essentials closer to them, and through this, minimise the shoppers' exposure to Covid-19 outdoors.

Photos of the new vehicle were posted to Facebook by FairPrice Group CEO Seah Kian Peng, who accompanied the team on their rounds.

Supermarket on the go

Currently, the van will be visiting five areas—Commonwealth Link, Telok Blangah Crescent, Telok Blangah Rise, Kampung Glam CC, and Jalan Kukoh—chosen with criteria like the number of senior residents in the area and their proximity to FairPrice supermarkets in mind.

The vans will be stationed at these locations from 9am to 2pm.

If you are curious, here's what it looks like.

Photo from Seah Kian Peng / FB

The van is equipped with nifty shelves bearing staple goods like rice, canned food, toiletries, milk, cooking oil, instant noodles, and vegetables.

It's almost comparable to a tiny provision shop on the go, something which Sam Tan, MP for Radin Mas GRC, said residents noted.

In his Facebook post, the resident said such vans which were common in the 1960s have since disappeared, so seeing the FairPrice on Wheels brought back a sense of nostalgia.

Photo from Seah Kian Peng / FB

Do note that purchase limits for these items, as previously imposed at all supermarkets, are similarly still in place at these vans.

According to the FairPrice website, the prices of goods sold at the van are the same as those in supermarkets as well.

Social distancing measures enforced

To ensure compliance with Circuit Breaker measures, all FairPrice staff will don masks, and queue markers will also be placed.

Short queues were spotted as informed residents came down to make their purchases:

Photo from Seah Kian Peng / FB

Photo from Denise Phua's Facebook.

Photo from Denise Phua's Facebook.

Much shorter than the ones you've seen outside typical supermarkets and malls.

Shoppers can also call hotlines available for each location to get real-time updates on stock levels and queue lengths.

Do note that only cash is accepted when purchasing items at these vans. Additionally, rewards LinkPoints will not be given.

Photo from Seah Kian Peng / FB

May expand to more locations

Although FairPrice on Wheels is currently only making its rounds at five locations, there is the possibility of the initiative expanding to more locations if necessary.

This initiative will last as long as there is consumer demand, its website stated.

For more details, you can check out the FairPrice website here.

Photo from Seah Kian Peng / FB

Top photo from Seah Kian Peng / FB