Top-earning Deliveroo rider in S'pore earned S$7,095 in 1 month during Covid-19 outbreak


Julia Yeo | April 20, 2020, 02:21 PM

As people are unable to dine out due to the Covid-19 circuit breaker measures put in place by the government, demand for food deliveries have soared.

Consequently, it appears that some delivery riders are earning quite a tidy sum.

Top-earning rider earned more than S$7,000 in a month

According to Deliveroo, its top-earning rider for the month of March 2020 earned a whopping S$7,095.

Deliveroo did not indicate how many trips this particularly tenacious rider clocked but not too long ago, another Deliveroo rider revealed that he managed to earn an average of S$4,200 per month by clocking around 400 to 500 trips.

Nearly half of the fleet aged below 25

According to Deliveroo's 2019 annual rider survey, nearly half of the company's riders are aged below 25 years old.

Many of them cited the flexible nature of the job and autonomy as reasons for riding, said the company in a statement released on April 20.

According to Deliveroo, the company received nearly 5,000 rider applications in the first quarter of the year (January to March).

This is an increase of 30 per cent from application numbers in Q4 2019.

From 23 March, applications to become a Deliveroo rider surged by 80 per cent, compared to the previous months.

Another 1,000 riders were added to the Deliveroo fleet in April.

An additional 2,000 riders are expected to be added to the fleet by the second quarter of 2020.

Aside from their earnings, Deliveroo riders have access to perks like discounts on petrol, food and drinks, and free accident and third party liability insurance.

The month-long circuit breaker period is expected to end on May 4, 2020, but the Multi-Ministry Task Force (MTF) has hinted that some measures put in place during the circuit breaker will remain even after it ends.

Top image via Deliveroo Riders Singapore.