Spectacular lightning shots captured in S'pore during April's thundery showers


Ashley Tan| April 30, 09:38 PM

The month of April has been pretty warm, as forecasted by the Meteorological Services Singapore (MSS).

Although daily temperatures have a high of 35ºC, there have been plenty of thundery showers as well.

According to MSS, April is also the month with the highest lightning activity.

The stunning bolts of lightning might have caught more people's attention during this period as most of us are cooped up at home because of Circuit Breaker.

Photos of lightning on social media

Some have taken rather spectacular photographs and posted about the natural phenomenon on social media.

Like these epic ones by Paul Lee, which make Singapore's cityscape look slightly apocalyptic.

Photo from Paul Lee / FB

Photo from Paul Lee / FB

This shot by TS Sim was posted to the Singapore Lightning Photographers Facebook group, and was taken at Bukit Panjang.

Photo from TS Sim / FB

This was taken by Kew Yun Keong at Geylang Bahru.

Photo from Kew Yun Keong / FB

Shot by Donovan Ho at Punggol.

Photo from Donovan Ho / FB

This shot of faint lightning cutting through a tinted purple sky was taken by Lee Chin Yee.

Photo from Lee Chin Yee / FB

Shot by Yip Jen Wei near Tanjong Pagar.

Photo from Yip Jen Wei / FB

Another one from afar:
Here are some video footages.
Taken at MBS:
And such dramatic sight is not exclusive to the month of April as well, here's one shot by FreeMan Loke in May last year:

Photo from FreeMan Loke / FB

It's been raining pretty heavily today too, so you might be able to catch some lightning streaking through the sky tonight.

Top photo from FreeMan Loke and Paul Lee / FB