Guy proposes to girlfriend from UK on Animal Crossing as both under quarantine

She said yes.

Tanya Ong | April 04, 2020, 05:50 PM

In a time of coronavirus, quarantine and social distancing measures have changed the way couples go about their dating lives.

Some may find it hard to keep the romance alive without being physically present.

But not Samuel Hawkins.

In some images shared to the Animal Crossing Memes Facebook page, Hawkins had apparently proposed to his girlfriend through Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game where players can create a virtual world of their own and interact with animal villagers.

His girlfriend Hannah Kenyon, who is from the UK, shared screenshots of the event, showing two characters on a field that said:


I <3 you

Marry me?"

Animal Crossing Memes/FB

Animal Crossing Memes/FB

Kenyon said that she wanted to be proposed to during the cherry blossom season.

This was not possible as she and her boyfriend were being quarantined.

Hawkins, however, came up with the "cutest compromise" by proposing through Animal Crossing instead.

She even noted that the ring box was a little orange, which she appreciated because it's her favourite fruit.

Oh, and she said yes.

Top photo via Animal Crossing Memes/FB, Samuel Hawkins