Woman angry with Geylang Serai Market's crowd control: 'Inside no people, outside queue like hell'

Tough period for all. 26 more days to go.

Zhangxin Zheng | April 09, 2020, 07:02 PM

Enhanced safe distancing and crowd control measures have been implemented and strictly enforced since the start of the circuit breaker period.

Geylang Serai Market is one of the 15 markets that require crowd control to ensure the safety of shoppers and sellers.

Long queues formed outside the market for the past few days, as a maximum of 100 people are allowed in the market at one time.

But one woman who managed to get into the market was clearly upset by this measure.

Crowd control measure at Geylang Serai Market "no use"

She decided to share her displeasure with the public and posted a video of her rant on Facebook.

In the almost three-minute video, the woman said that the measure is ineffective.

She said that the market is empty and business has been affected, while the customers are waiting in the queue under the sun.

"Inside no people, outside queue like hell", she said.

According to her, the market is so empty, and the vendors are so free, that "all can play football, basketball also no problem".

She repeatedly commented that the measures are "no use" in the video as she toured around the market to contrast the situation outside and inside the market.

"This is what market life now. We have to do this way, Facebook out!" she exclaimed.

You can watch the video here:


Here's a transcription of what she said in the video:

"You see, this is Geylang Serai Market. Inside no people, outside queue like hell.

Ah.. put on Facebook and let them see.

Inside here empty, outside queue like hell ah.

You see all under the sun.

This is how they queue you see. But...you see you see...all queue but inside empty.

How people do business? Like that?

That's why I'm putting this on Facebook... No use one, put already no use!

This is what market life now. Right? We have to do this way, Facebook out!

Inside empty outside queue.

How many? You can play football, play mahjong, also no problem. You see. Empty!

You see, all market people, all can play a game here also no problem, you see.

The situation inside and outside is different.

No use one which is why I'm putting this on Facebook...

(Someone in the background: Anyone? No people come!)

Ya no one right? All can come and play football. Basketball also no problem."

In response to this video, the National Environment Agency said that the capacity limit differs at each market because of the layout and the types of stalls.

There are also crowd managing officers station at markets to ensure those in the queue are keeping a safe distance from each other.

Members of the public are urged to avoid peak periods to help even out the market crowds.

Crowd management at markets is important to shoppers' and stallholders' safety during this period.

The public, including the woman who posted the video, is reminded not to instigate actions that run counter to, or that will undermine, the work that public officers and other staff are doing to ensure the smooth execution of Covid-19 safe distancing measures.

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Top photo via screenshots of Si Anak Watan's Facebook post