S'porean woman, 66, walks from JB to S'pore to care for ill husband after M'sia lockdown

She had to walk because there are no vehicles.

Melanie Lim | March 31, 2020, 04:03 PM

The Malaysian government has extended the country-wide lockdown until April 14.

During this period, commute between Singapore and Malaysia has been cut drastically as a result of a lack of vehicular traffic as they have been disallowed.

Walked from JB to Singapore

On March 29, one Herman Sudil took to Facebook to share the story of his aged mother, who had to travel about four hours from Johor Bahru to Singapore after the lockdown was enforced.

Image via Herman Sudil on Facebook

Image via Herman Sudil on Facebook

According to Herman, who lives in JB, his nearly 66-year-old mother went north to Malaysia two weeks ago to help him take care of his three-month-old baby, while his wife had an operation.

But after Herman's mother heard that her 80-year-old husband had fallen ill and was missing her, she decided to return to Singapore to look after him.

This was despite reassurances from her husband that she need not go back.

No vehicles allowed

No foreign visitors are allowed to enter Malaysia, but as Herman's mother was already in JB, she could return to Singapore.

However, as this happened after the lockdown was put in place, no vehicles could enter or leave Malaysia.

As such, Herman's mother, who has leg and knee problems, had to walk to all the way from JB customs to Singapore.

Herman also clarified that this is the first time his mother had to make the journey across the Causeway on foot, as he would always send her back in a car on past occasions.

Accompanied by niece during journey across causeway

According to Herman, his mother was accompanied by Herman's 20-year-old niece during the walk back to Singapore.

She was in charge of carrying the luggage and updating Herman with a video-call every few minutes about his mother's condition.

Herman told Malaysian news outlet Astro Awani that his mother took "more than an hour" to cross the Causeway, as she would stop to take a break every few minutes.

She started her journey at JB Customs at 5:00pm and only reached Boon Lay in Singapore at 9:30 pm.

Image via Herman Sudil on Facebook

Image via Herman Sudil on Facebook

Thankfully, two Immigration and Checkpoints Authority staff helped to push his mother to the immigration office in a wheelchair after she had arrived at Singapore customs.

She then went home to serve a 14-day Stay-Home Notice.

Herman added that many Singaporeans including the elderly, pregnant women, those with child strollers and even wheelchair bound folk, had to make the journey from JB back to Singapore on foot after the lockdown was put in place.

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Top image via Herman Sudil on Facebook