15 S'poreans, including children, go out late at night to give stranded M'sians toiletries, sleeping bags

Singaporeans helping Malaysians.

Belmont Lay | March 20, 2020, 04:51 PM

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A group of can-do Singaporeans travelled around the island in the early hours of the morning to help out Malaysians sleeping outdoors who failed to secure proper accommodation following their country's two-week lockdown.

The volunteers gave out sleeping bags and toiletries a day after the lockdown kicked in.

This charitable initiative was put together by Singaporean Delane Lim who rounded up a group of individuals to help out.

The volunteers included a family who brought their children out after bedtime.

The items, in turn, were donated by a company that runs school camps.

As events have been postponed or cancelled, the items were no longer put to use and could be given out.

Lim wrote in his Facebook post detailing the initiative that the original plan was to help find temporary accommodation, such as hostels and campsites, for the stranded Malaysians.

But that plan was relooked as there were “too many red tapes and approval processes”.

Lim wrote: “As I walk down the streets and parks, I shared with my buddy that we should feel blessed and fortunate that our city is safe and clean. Not many homeless Singaporeans... Those we met explained why they decided to stay out from their own place."

This initiative carried out by regular Singaporeans comes amidst an island-wide sweep by the authorities to locate stranded Malaysians and provide them shelter.

Culture, community and youth minister Grace Fu said on March 20 that the National Trade Union Congress and the Migrant Worker Centre have been “hard at work” to locate the Malaysians without proper accommodation.

The stranded Malaysians were found in at least 25 places that include Little India, Chinatown, and areas near the train station.