17-hour live video of 'UFO' over Bedok Reservoir gets over 38,000 shares, S'poreans perplexed

*X-files music*

Ashley Tan | March 27, 2020, 12:26 AM

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There's unnatural phenomena like meteors and blood moons and there is phenomena like aliens and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

The latter, although without much significant or credible evidence of their existence, has its believers.

After all, the ambiguity and mystery of space and extra-terrestrial life has captured the imaginations of many.

UFO in the sky?

Which could explain why a live Facebook video titled, "UFO in the sky over Singapore", posted on Mar. 26 at around 9am might have elicited the reactions it did.

The video has been shared over 38,000 times, and has held a steady 7,000 people's attention at one time, from the number of eyeballs displayed at the corner.

The footage allegedly shows the gloomy, gray skies over Bedok Reservoir, and if you squint real close, a vague shape can be seen partially hidden by thick clouds.

Now, this could very well be a UFO.

Or it could also be a smudge on a window, or the shadow of an object behind the cameraperson.

Or just some cheap effects.

You can check out the video here.

Many people confused and angry

The video might have piqued the interest of many overseas, but has left numerous people in Singapore perplexed and responding with their usual dose of scepticism in the comments.

Some locals were left with much rage in their hearts at possibly being deceived or clickbaited.

And as with many unprecedented or unusual incidents or miracles sighted, one man commented in typical "Sinkie" fashion.

If you hadn't noticed how long the video has been live for, others certainly did.

It has been going on for 17 hours.

Online commenters have called out the poster for manipulating and looping the footage, as evidenced from the repetition of voices and wind blowing in the audio.

Either way, perhaps something you can watch if you're really that bored at home.

Top photo from Revealed / FB