MOH: S'poreans advised to avoid gatherings of over 10 people for private events

The limit of 10 will also be enforced at public venues.

Matthias Ang| March 24, 07:29 PM

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has advised Singaporeans to avoid holding and participating in social gatherings of more than 10 people.

This includes private events such as birthdays and weddings, the Ministry announced at a press conference on Mar. 24.

In the case of funerals and wakes, attendance should be limited "as far as possible" to family members only, with 10 or fewer people at any point.

In reiterating the gravity of the situation, the Ministry added:

"Much as we understand the need for friends and acquaintances to pay their last respects and give comfort to families in their grief, we urge the public to do their part in minimising social interactions so that we can slow down the spread of the virus together."

Limit of 10 to also apply to public venues

The limit of 10 people for a group will also apply to public venues such as malls, museums, and attractions.

The ministry added that operators of such venues must reduce their operating capacity so as to ensure that there is no more than one person per 16 square metres of "usable space."

They must also provide an environment in which there is at least one metre of space between patrons including in spaces such as queues and waiting areas.

Both indoor and outdoor shows at attractions, group tours at museums and open atrium sales, with the exception of those held at supermarkets, will also be suspended.

In reiterating the severity of the measures, MOH stated that should such venues be unable to adhere to these requirements must be closed.

Moreover, additional penalties may be imposed on those should the venue also be found to have been a location where Covid-19 transmission occured.

Groups of diners to also be limited no more than 10

MOH added that groups of diners should also be limited to 10 people or fewer at food and beverage outlets.

The Ministry elaborated that while related diners can seat together at one table, the tables must be spaced out, with at least one metre between tables or different groups of diners.

In the case of outlets with fixed seating such as hawker centres and coffee shops, diners must use alternate seats, with the seats marked out by the managers of such premises to help facilitate such arrangements.

Limit of 10 to also apply to places of worship

As for places of worship, MOH stated that all religious services and congregations are to be suspended, with only private and essential rites allowed at a place of worship, for a group of no more than 10 people.

In the meantime, events and mass gatherings such as conferences, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, sporting events and trade fairs, must be deferred or cancelled, regardless of their size.

Earlier on Mar. 20, MOH stated that all events and gatherings in Singapore with 250 or more people must be suspended.

Top Photo by Kyle Taylor via Flickr