Senior pet dog in S'pore put to sleep just as dog welfare group offered to care for it

The group was not happy euthanasia was carried out with haste by the dog owner.

Belmont Lay | March 23, 2020, 07:07 PM

A senior pet dog in Singapore has been put to sleep on Monday, March 23, at 11:15am, merely a day after help to treat it was desperately offered by a local dog welfare group.

Details of the incident was put up on Facebook by the dog welfare group, Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore.

According to the post, the dog was at least eight years old and allegedly very sick, according to neighours of the household that kept the dog who had witnessed its condition over a period of time.

The dog was witnessed to have been dragging its feet and barking a lot, but otherwise, had a good appetite.

The dog apparently belonged to the wife of the man that was approached by the dog welfare group with an offer to help the dog seek veterinary treatment.

What allegedly happened

At least three people made their way to the dog owner’s place on Sunday, March 22 at about 11.30am, to negotiate for the dog to be taken to a vet to be treated for its ailment.

However, after the first initial conversation, the dog owner became unresponsive to messages.

A contact number belonging to one of the individuals from Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore was left with the neighbour of the household that owned the dog, so that the dog welfare group could still be reached subsequently.

Euthanised suddenly

On Sunday night, the dog's owner called the number and agreed to meet on Monday afternoon to discuss his dog’s welfare.

A WhatsApp text was sent to the dog owner on Monday morning at 930am to confirm the meeting was going ahead.

The dog owner replied and was thankful for the reminder.

However, two hours later, the dog owner replied and said the dog had been put to sleep and sent an accompanying vet report of the euthanasia procedure.

The owner said it his text the dog was 14.5 years, which was vastly older than the eight years old age previously mentioned by the dog welfare group in its post.

The owner also apparently explained in the text message about why the dog was put down: "My dog is healthy but too old already."


The recounting of what happened has elicited strong reactions from dog lovers in Singapore, who are angry that the dog was put down suddenly.

They are also perturbed that the dog owner sent a message post-euthanasia that said, "Hope solve the problem".

Anger was also reserved for the animal clinic that put down the dog, as the animal appeared to have been put down in haste.