38-year-old S'porean allegedly colluded with 3 other men to rape one another's wives over 8 years

Three other men were also involved.

Mandy How | March 05, 2020, 09:27 PM

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Four husbands and three other men have been accused of colluding to rape one another's wives, Lianhe Wanbao reports.

All of the men reportedly knew one another, as well as the four wives.

The seven men range from 38 to 51 years in age. They are Singaporeans who work in different industries.

The crimes were spread over eight years, from 2010 to 2018.

It was suspected that the husbands had drugged their wives so that the rapes could take place, Wanbao adds. Most of the rapes were carried out at the victims' houses.

As the men cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the victims' identities, they will be referred throughout this article as:

  • Husband A, Husband B, Husband C, Husband D, Man E, Man, F, and Man G.
  • The spouses of the four husbands are Wife A, Wife B, Wife C, and Wife D respectively

The wives are in their thirties and forties currently.

Husband A, who is 38 years old, faces seven charges — the most among the group.

Four of these are for rape, while another three are for abetting rape.

According to Wanbao, most of the rapes took place in the victims' homes.

Here's a timeline of what happened.

2010: Husband A allegedly aided Husband B (43 years old), so that the latter could rape Wife A.

2012 to 2014: Husband A approached Husband C (41 years old).

Within this period, both of them allegedly assisted one another to rape their wives. That is to say, Husband A raped Wife C, and Husband C raped Wife A.

2013: Husband A approached Husband D (51 years old), and assisted him to rape Wife A.

2018: Husband B allegedly fulfilled his side of the "exchange" from 2010 by helping Husband A rape his wife, Wife B.

Man E, F, and G

Additionally, Husband D had allegedly helped Man E (45-years-old) to rape Wife D in 2017

Man F (34 years old) and Man G (41 years old) allegedly raped Wife A as well.

Man F allegedly raped her twice between 2017 to 2018, and violated her once.

Man G allegedly raped Wife A in 2010.

The three men (E, F and G) currently face charges of rape, but they are not charged with abetting rape.

There is no information as to whether they are married.

Wife A raped by five men

Husband A is accused of raping two other wives involved in this case.

One of them was raped once, while the other was raped thrice.

Wife A, who was raped at least six times by five men, was termed "the biggest victim" by Wanbao.

Wife C was violated thrice, while Wife B and D were each raped once.

At least one man has also been accused of raping a victim via anal penetration while at least two have been accused of raping their victims via digital penetration.

According to Wanbao, at least one of the perpetrators recorded the rape.

The victims, who were suspected to be drugged, would have been completely unconscious during the rapes.

Admitted to their crimes

Wanbao revealed that there is sufficient evidence to convict the men. A number of the accused have also confessed to their crimes while recording their statements.

According to the Chinese daily, investigations are ongoing. There is a possibility that charges will be added or revised.

The seven men, who appeared in court last month, were not granted bail.

They will return to court next month, The Straits Times reports.

Those found guilty of rape or abetting rape will be liable to imprisonment of up to 20 years, in addition to a fine or caning.

Top photo by Melanie Lim