Police & POFMA reports filed over misleading Facebook posts on couple with smashed eggs

The photos were met with vitriol and scathing comments by netizens.

Ashley Tan | March 22, 2020, 09:00 PM

Photos of a couple spilling several trays of eggs onto a pavement in Singapore has made its rounds online.

The viral photos have since attracted some vitriol, with netizens accusing the couple of hoarding and stockpiling the eggs, in light of Malaysia's lockdown announcement.

A friend of the couple's daughter has since come forward to clarify that the couple were not hoarders, but school canteen vendors.

The eggs had been purchased for the school's reopening.

Lambasted netizens

This story was echoed by one Daryl Gay in a Facebook post, who claimed to be the boyfriend of the couple's daughter.

Gay added that the couple worked as vendors in a primary school, and had managed find an egg vendor amid the shortages in Singapore.

However, the trolley they used to ferry the eggs hit a pothole and the eggs fell.

Gay has since lambasted netizens and "keyboard warriors" for being quick to judge and "sensationalising" the story.

He said it was a "disgusting act" to simply stand aside and watch the unfortunate incident unfold without offering help, but it was even more "despicable" to spread falsehoods online.

Filed report to police and POFMA office

Gay stated that he has since filed a police report, as well as a report with the POFMA office.

He continued that he and his girlfriend were thankful for everyone who had helped to report the spurious Facebook posts, and urged people to have more empathy during this period.

"My girlfriend and I would like to thank everyone who helped report these related posts to Facebook, and people (both friends and strangers) who stood up for her parents by sharing the truth and writing positive comments. We are heartened that empathy and positivity are still strong in such trying times."

You can read his full post here.