Phua Chu Kang makes 2nd comeback in official Covid-19 rap music video

He's back again.

Ashley Tan | March 22, 2020, 06:32 PM

One of Phua Chu Kang's most memorable moments was his appearance in the "SAR-vivor Rap" music video.

This, aside from his eponymous TV show which ran for eight seasons.

After all, the rap video had some pretty iconic lines like, "SARS is the virus, that I just want to minus".

Phua Chu Kang advisory

And when hinted at a Phua Chu Kang comeback after 13 years, it sent Singaporeans into a tizzy.

The heavy anticipation might have made way to disappointment for some Singaporeans, when the character made his appearance not in any sort of music video, but a "serious" advisory released on Feb. 15 instead.

In it, Phua Chu Kang advises viewers to maintain basic hygiene and take their temperatures twice daily.

Another music video

In a surprise move though, it seems Phua Chu Kang has made a second comeback within the year of 2020.

On Mar. 22, dropped an actual music video starring the TV character.

It comes with some rather eye-catching visuals and even a troupe of background dancers.

The video starts off with a tiny call-back to the "SAR-vivor Rap", the lyrics echoing faintly from an old radio.

It then segues into Phua Chu Kang urging viewers to not spread fake news, to "don't be kiasu" and avoid hoarding and panic buying.

Here's the rather catchy chorus:

"Things different already, but Singapore be steady.

Stay clean and healthy, just use your brain, use your brain.

You can watch the full music video here. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, here's a music video featuring Gurmit Singh himself.


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