Herds of hungry Nara deer hit empty streets & train station to find food

Had enough of eating grass.

Zhangxin Zheng| March 14, 01:41 PM

Tourism has taken a tough blow from the Covid-19 outbreak and even locals are heading out less often.

The lack of tourists has had an unintended impact on the deer in Nara prefecture, Japan, as the animals usually depend on crackers from tourists.

Tourism has reportedly dropped by 80 per cent in Nara.

Earlier in February, Nara deer made it onto the news for eating grass again due to the absence of feeders.

According to Sora News, herds of free-roaming deer have recently been spotted galloping on the streets of Nara to find food.

Here they are outside JR East Railway station:

A local resident said that this is the first time in almost 30 years that she has encountered deer running as far as two kilometres away from Nara Park, where they are usually found, to find food.

However, the Nara Deer Preservation Foundation said that this is not the first time that deer have roamed so far out from the park.

In some cases, deer were seen roaming in the middle of busy roads, resulting in some safety concerns.


Oh deer.

Top photo via ANNnewsCH screenshots