S'pore lady finds laptop at Bugis Junction, sanitises & quarantines it while looking for owner

A+ for effort.

Melanie Lim| March 24, 11:29 PM

Anyone who has ever lost a prized possession in public will know how frustrating it can be.

Missing laptop at Bugis Junction

On Mar. 24, one Rosanne Chan took to

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Facebook to share about a laptop she had found at Bugis Junction, near the crossing to Bugis Street at around 10:30am in the morning.

According to her, she had found the laptop on a ledge that she was sitting on.

Chan waited for "quite awhile at the same spot" for the owner of the laptop to come back, but to no avail.

She then decided to take matters into her own hand - quite literally - by taking the laptop with her and safekeeping it until she found the owner.

Named laptop "Bella" and offered to foster her

Knowing that "losing a precious item like a laptop is extremely distressing", Chan said that she would "foster" the laptop until the owner contacted her.

She even named it "Bella".

Chan added, rather humorously, that with the coronavirus going around, it is "not safe" for Bella to "sit there exposed by herself, especially without a mask suitable for her size."

Along with her plea for help, Chan attached several photos of her adventures with Bella.

In her first photo, Chan specified that the laptop was found outside the ATM and money changer at Bugis Junction.

She also said that she believes the owner is a Malay girl — though she did not explain why.

Image via Rosanne Chan on Facebook

Offered food to Bella

Chan apparently offered Bella food in the form of Calbee baked pea crisps, Pokka milk tea, and black summer truffle potato chips.

However, she claimed that Bella had "no appetite" as she was suffering from anxiety after being left alone:

Image via Rosanne Chan on Facebook

Later on, Chan offered Bella Japanese seaweed chicken because she thought she "didn't like junk food," but -- of course -- Bella refused to eat that as well:

Image via Rosanne Chan on Facebook

In her final photo, Chan can be seen hugging Bella and assuring her that she will find her owner soon.

In the meantime, she promised to quarantine her:

Image via Rosanne Chan on Facebook

Sanitised, quarantined, and let Bella rest

Chan then attached three videos of her sanitising Bella, letting Bella rest in bed, and even letting her watch a kids show on an iPad.







According to Chan, she has tried to contact Bella's owner via Facebook messenger, but suspects that the owner either does not have the app on her phone, or that she might have messaged the wrong person.

You can view her full post here:

Top image via Rosanne Chan on Facebook


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