Cleaning lady at Lakeside MRT patiently helps agitated man top-up EZ-Link card


Mandy How| March 26, 06:45 PM

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic brings out the worst in some of us, others have demonstrated kindness and resilience.

On the morning of Mar. 21,

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Matthew Zachary Liu was at Lakeside MRT station when he witnessed a heartwarming incident.

Liu had observed a man struggling at the top-up machine.

Perhaps frustrated by the technology, he suddenly shouted out loud.

A cleaning lady, who was sweeping nearby, immediately went out to help the man, Liu wrote.

Despite the man's "seemingly agitated and aggressive" tone, the lady remained patient in explaining what to do.

Liu was moved by her actions, as she was not obliged to do anything in the situation.

"The thing is she didn't have to; it wasn't her job. Even more so now with everyone cautiously keeping a social distance and all. But she did."

What's even more amazing, according to Liu, was that the lady explained her instructions in Mandarin, so that the man could understand her better.

Photo via Matthew Zachary Liu on Facebook

Describing the lady as a "kind, intelligent, beautiful soul", Liu hopes that she can be a reminder to some of us that help can always be rendered, regardless of "race, nationality, social status or current crisis."

Since it was uploaded on Mar. 21, Liu's post has gotten more than 1,400 shares.

On Mar. 24, Liu updated in the comments section that the lady has been commended for her actions, thanks to the Facebook post.


Top image via Matthew Zachary Liu on Facebook

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