Kangaroo caught stealing toilet paper in Australia public toilet

Only in Australia.

Zhangxin Zheng| March 15, 09:38 AM

The Covid-19 outbreak has sparked much frenzy across the world.

The Australians experienced a mad rush to purchase toilet paper rolls after the country reported its first death case on March 1.

There were even fights that broke out in supermarkets because desperate hoarders wanted more toilet paper rolls.

It wasn't just the human beings who were affected by the wave of panic -- one critter was caught red-handed trying to get its hands on the toilet paper in public.

Kangaroo pulling out toilet papers in public toilet

One lady, Fiona Schubert, saw a kangaroo preoccupied with biting off toilet paper from one of the public toilet cubicles.

Here it is:

Video taken by Fiona Schubert, via ABC Australia.

kangaroo toilet paper Video taken by Fiona Schubert, via ABC Australia.

Schubert and her family stopped over at Wilpena Pound campground in South Australia during their road trip when they encountered this scene.

Schubert said in the video as she filmed the kangaroo in action:

"Ok guys, I don't know if you know it but things got really out of hands. Here in the outback, kangaroos aren't stockpiling...they just go straight to the source."

Here's the video:

Concerns over kangaroo's well-being

The video has gained over 5,000 shares in three days and drew some mixed reactions.

Some viewers were amused by the sight, saying that it reminds them of the irrational and animalistic behaviour at supermarkets due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

A significant number of commenters were concerned whether the kangaroo has enough to eat in the wild.

According to UPI, the manager at the campground told Schubert that they will be putting up a fence next month.

Top photo and screenshots of comments via ABC Australia/Facebook