Illusion grid shirt by Japanese designer takes unusual approach to solving flat-chested problems


Julia Yeo | March 11, 2020, 08:52 PM

Japan is known for a wide variety of fashion cultures, from the mainstream clean-cut Uniqlo style to the iconic Harajuku fashion, and sometimes, the more deviant designs which are undoubtedly amusing as well.

Illusion grid shirt solves flat-chested problems

One of such deviant works is indie design studio ekoD Works' latest arrival, an innocuous-looking T-shirt meant for females with a grid design printed on it.

While the shirt looks perfectly normal from the front, if you look closely enough, the grid is actually an optical illusion.

Front view versus side view. Photo via ekoDWorks/FB

While the idea seems to be somewhat ridiculous, it could potentially be the answer to the problems of a select few out there.

Men's version also available

The ingenious mind behind this design is Japanese artist Takayuki Fukusawa, who is known for his humorous art and design style.

He has also created several other wacky and ridiculous artworks and designs, including a male version of the T-shirt above, for those who prefer having artificial abs to make up for all the gym sessions they missed.

According to Fukusawa, the design studio's concept focuses on creating a world full of humorous art and design.

His goal?

"I hope to continue to create things that make people say, ‘he made another ridiculous thing.’"

Top image via ekoD Works/Facebook