S'pore GrabFood driver records personalised message with Yiruma music at 5am to update customer

Made her day.

Mandy How | March 26, 2020, 11:04 AM

A notification from GrabFood typically goes like this:

"Your order from (eatery name) is on the way to you. Provide your floor or unit number if applicable. (This is an auto-generated message.)"

But for @nattaytoungetze on Twitter, the notification she received was anything but auto-generated.

On Mar. 24, Nat tweeted that her GrabFood rider had sent her a personalised messages to update her on the status of the delivery.

In addition to the smooth "pilot announcement" tone, he had also tastefully included some background music.

You can listen to the message here:


Here's the first message he sent her:

"Good morning Natalie. It's 4:35 in the morning, Tuesday. This is Arif, your GrabFood delivery rider, currently assigned [indistinct] your food delivery request. I've just arrived at NUS from Clementi, walking towards Starbucks to pick up your order while they are preparing it in progress. Upon picking up, I will update you on the estimated time of arrival from the merchant to your location. So Natalie, sit back and relax for now, and stay tuned. Thank you."

When he had picked up the food, the driver recorded another message and sent that as well.

You can listen to the full video here:

[video width="360" height="640" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2020/03/grabfood.mp4"][/video]

The best bit? The effort took place at 5am.

Many impressed Twitter users called for a perfect rating for the driver, in addition to tips.



Top image via @nattaytoungetze on Twitter, Ashan Asmone on Google Maps